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Average Investment :: $400-600

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Average Investment :: $300-500

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Welcome to Terri Jacobson Pet Photography

Our pets are the love of our life. I’m betting that yours are too. They greet us with great joy and wagging tails when we have been away. In the quiet of  life, they lay silently beside us.

I remember Duffy the siamese, Dutch the miniature schnauzer and Muffin the poodle. They were my childhood pets. My memories are rich, but to the best of my knowledge, there were never any photos taken of them. They only remain a memory.

Today, the walls of our home are lined with beautiful custom art of our own pets. It’s a perk of being a pet photographer I suppose. This photo of Timber hangs above our fireplace as a 24 x 36 inch gallery wrapped canvas mounted in a floating frame. It would give the Mona Lisa a run for her money. And yes, it is my pride and joy.

Custom pet photography is not only an investment, it is also a wonderful way to celebrate the love you have for your pet. You will never regret investing in custom photography of your pet. But someday, you may regret that you didn’t have portraits of your beloved pet created.

I want you to leave the photo session with a smile on your face because we had fun. When your portraits are finished and displayed in your home, I want you to have a smile in your heart because you now have treasured pieces of art.

Together we will plan the details of your session. Before we begin, we will talk briefly. I have a couple of questions for you and I am sure you will have questions for me. I  want to know about your pet, a little about you and your goals for the session.

Visit the locations page and start thinking about where you would like to have your session.

Then, visit the art page and start visualizing how you would like to display your finished art pieces in your home.

If you have any questions, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Do you have a location in mind for your session? Terri Jacobson Photography is happy to go just about anywhere within a one hour drive of Salem, OR. If it is farther out than that, let’s talk. We love a good adventure.

My session fee is $175. This includes:

  • A pre-session consultation. Do you have questions? I’m here to help you
  • Up to two hours of photography time with your pet
  • Up to two pets. Do you have more? No worries, add $25 for each additional pet
  • A sneak peak on my blog of some of my favorite images from our session
  • Within two to three weeks I will have 20–30 professionally edited images for you to view at your purchasing session

Thank you so much for thinking of us for your pet portraits.

Are you ready book a session for your pet? Let’s get started.

Call me 503-999-3047

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