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Adopt a greyhound - Oregon Greyhound Adoption

Look into my eyes

Jered Day 279, 2012 I often wonder why some dogs move from the adoption kennel to a home faster than others. Jered is one of them. Jered isView full post »

Rhodesian ridgeback puppy

Just a little puppy love

Saja Day 277, 2012 During the ridgeback session last week, a puppy graced my lens. This is Saja, a six-month old Rhodesian ridgeback puppyView full post »

Adopt a chihuahua at the Marion County Dog Shelter

Love me, cuddle me, take me home

Love me, cuddle me, take me home Day 276, 2012 This is my assistant doing her best work. This little chihuahua is available at the MarionView full post »

Best friends

Kya and Keb Day 275, 2012 In the greyhound world we have a saying, “Greyhounds are like potato chips, you can’t have justView full post »

Annie, a senior Boston terrier


Annie Day 274, 2012 Annie came in with her pack of four on Sunday to the Rhodesian ridgeback portrait session. Her gentle age is beginningView full post »

Donate to Rhodesian ridgeback, Ziggy

Ziggy’s story

Ziggy Day 273, 2012 This little beauty is Ziggy. He was the fundraiser for the photo sessions I did on Sunday at Furever Pets. Today I gotView full post »

Adopt a senior greyhound

November is adopt a senior month

Jerry Day 272, 2012 Of all of the greyhounds that we have adopted over the years, I can honestly say that the seniors bring the greatestView full post »

Rhodesian ridgeback


Rhodesian ridgeback Day 271, 2012 I spent my afternoon helping with the Rhodesian ridgeback rescue today. These dogs were absolutelyView full post »

Greyhound for adoption - Oregon Greyhound Adoption


Honey Day 270, 2012 When Honey came up on the list for the next dog to be photographed, my mind immediately went to a petite fawn female.View full post »

Gabby, cat for the 2013 Pets of Salem calendar

The lucky cat

Gabby Day 269, 2012 Nearly all of the wisdom imparted from my mother involved animals. After I had moved out and started a family of myView full post »

Chaos - Cat for the 2013 Pets of Salem calendar

Caution – Chaos ahead

Chaos Day 268, 2012 Chaos is a red abyssinian. She was a little shy, but very curious and I loved the intensity of her stare. Chaos will beView full post »

Belly the cat, 2013 Pets of Salem calendar


Belly Day 267, 2012 Belly came into the shelter, her front leg was mangled and painful. She was oh so sweet and left the shelter with noView full post »