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Pre-dawn moon

Pacific City, Oregon Day 243, 2012 First thing I saw when we hit the beach before sunrise.View full post »

And, the skin kids race in

Wyatt Day 242, 2012 What’s a picnic without kids? When these two cuties came up and wanted their pictures taken, how could I possiblyView full post »

White with brindle greyhound

A greyhound pawrty

Cotton Day 241, 2012 – I had the good fortune of setting up a booth at the Oregon Greyhound Adoption picnic this past Saturday. I amView full post »

Borzoi at the Oregon coast during moonset

My model T – moonstruck

Timber Day 240, 2012 I have a bucket list. Photos that I want to try and of course succeed with. One of them includes a full moon, theView full post »

Faces from the Oregon Greyhound Adoption picnic

Day 239, 2012 Today was the second annual Oregon Greyhound Adoption picnic. The weather was beautiful and I love the park that they holdView full post »

Yorkie and chihuahua race on the beach

Racing to the week-end

Taz and Toovie Day 238, 2012 It’s a race to the week-end around here. This is Toovie and Taz from last Sunday in Pacific City.View full post »

An American pit tie mix available for adoption

Lucy, Lucy

Lucy Day 237, 2012 I love a good brindle. It’s just so tiger-like. To combine a sweet, sweet little girl like Lucy with the brindle,View full post »

Just a little weimaraner love

I love my mom

Emma Day 236, 2012 Emma is going to be 12 years old next month. Her face is still just as beautiful as a youngsters and oh how she adoresView full post »

Shih Tzu mix available for adoption at Marion County Dog Shelter

Fluff balls of love

Sonny Day 235, 2012 Sonny is a fluffy little Shih Tzu mix available for adoption at the Marion County Dog Shelter. He’s about twoView full post »

Black lab available for adoption at Marion County Dog Shelter

Oh Truman

Truman Day 234, 2012 Truman’s eyes speak volumes. He’s looking for a home to call his own. The Marion County Dog ShelterView full post »

Two yorkies and a chihuahua at the Oregon coast beach

Three itsy bitsies go to the beach

Tillie, Taz and Toovie Day 233, 2012 The Oregon coast basically has three weather conditions: rainy and foggy, near perfect and totallyView full post »

Saturday, tennis ball, water, lab and a weimaraner

Autzen Day 232, 2012 And just what do these things have in common? Today we met my daughter Holly and her husband Joe at Mary S Young parkView full post »