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Borzoi laying in the sand

Borzoi blue

Longing for the beach    How I wish we were back at the beach. Zip does too.View full post »

Borzoi at the top of a sand dune

The beach zois

Zip and Timber, kings of the dune    In an attempt to escape the beastly heat of the valley, we headed out to the coast for a bit thisView full post »

Two borzoi resting in the grass

An evening with the Brothers Zoi

The Brothers Zoi resting in the grass    Every night, rain or shine, hot or cold the brothers zoi take a walk. We usually walk up to theView full post »

Borzoi resting on a couch

Patiently waiting

Zip not-so-patiently waiting for his evening walk    Every night without fail, the brothers zoi go for a walk up to the high school andView full post »

Two borzoi litter mates

The brothers zoi

Portrait of Timber and Zip, the borzoi brothers    There is no place like home. I loved every minute of Santa Fe and I’m stillView full post »

Two borzoi sitting

Take a load off, the weekend has arrived

Timber and Zip have waited patiently for the weekend to get here Looks like we made it boys.View full post »

Happy Father’s Day

Zip and Timber    Several months back I had one of the greyhounds photos printed and framed. It hangs in our living room right in the lineView full post »

High tailing it

Timber and Zip    I remember as a young girl, my mother would tell me I had better high tail it for home. I wonder if this is what sheView full post »

The bucket list

Timber and Zip    It’s true, I keep a bucket list of photos that someday, somehow I have to make. Some nights I lay awake and insteadView full post »

A perfect photo

Zip and Timber    Boys, I said, it’s your other mother’s birthday today. Hows about we take a perfect photo for her. Zip gaveView full post »