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Let the good times roll

Timber and Zip    They raced over the acre like mad men. Zip and Timber    And then they rough housed like little boys, like brothers. ZipView full post »

Poetry in motion

Zip and Timber    Muzzled for safety, we let the boys run together for the first time tonight on the acre. It was absolutely beautiful toView full post »

Portrait under the plum tree

Zip    We have this wonderful ancient plum tree in our backyard. Not only does it give us the best plums, the shade it provides is theView full post »

Company’s coming

Timber    Yes Timber, you have a surprise visitor coming tomorrow.View full post »

Coming at you

Timber    Continuing on with 100 days of happy, yes, my dogs do make me happy.View full post »

Hi Ho Timber

Timber    Our own dogs bring us such great joy and this guy is probably king bringer of joy. Two years ago at this time he was very sick.View full post »

Fuzzy wuzzy was a borzoi

Timber    I always thought Timber was one of the most beautiful dogs I had ever seen. Today we took him to one of the “youView full post »

borzoi at sunset

Happy Earth Day!

Timber    Enjoy the beauty around you.View full post »

borzoi running in a field of flowers

Fields of flowers

Timber    We drive by this field probably three times a week. During the state fair it becomes a parking lot packed with cars. Earlier thisView full post »

Bring it on

Timber    I’m not going to lie, I loved the two or three days of snow we had last winter. Today however, my very favorite treeView full post »

A borzoi kinda day

Timber    It wouldn’t be right if a weekend went by without Timber showing up somewhere. This boy was born to model.View full post »

Red borzoi at sunset

Oh doggy, that beach was windy

Timber    We had planned to go to the beach Friday evening for a sunset, but according to my weather program it was pretty windy. It canView full post »