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Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful

Timber    This boy cracks me up. He didn’t come out to the studio just once today, but twice. I swear he was born to walk theView full post »

The snow is almost behind us

Timber    The fluffy snow phase is officially behind us and the melting/prepare for the rain stage is here. I loved every minute out in theView full post »

It’s borzoi weather

Timber    It seems like once every five years we get a great snow storm in Salem. We might have between 6 and 8 inches on the groundView full post »

I love you with all of my hearts

Timber    ‘Tis the month for love. We made our way out to the studio for a little while tonight and we had a pretty darn good time.View full post »

Sunsets, always a crap shoot

Timber    The old mercury thermometer and barometer always hung by the back door. My father was a farmer all of his life and he watched theView full post »

Saturday night with my model T

Timber    Clearly we don’t have very exciting Saturday nights around here. It is completely up to Timber to entertain us.View full post »


Timber    It has been a long and productive week. I’m always delighted to see the week end, but this one feels really good.View full post »

The zoi boy, My Model T, at sunset

Timber    Yesterday after the Howl-a-palooza, I looked to the west and then I checked the forecast. I knew in an instant it was time for aView full post »

Finding friends

AJ and Lily   When we brought Timber home nearly two years ago, we didn’t know very much. We didn’t know much about him, he wasView full post »

Connecticut is for lovers

AJ and Lily    Or maybe, just maybe all of New England is.View full post »

Red borzoi photo

Sunday evening with My Model T

Timber    I had taken a few of the greyhounds out to my little rustic studio so that I could update their photos. Timber is fairly certainView full post »

Red borzoi photo

I’m too…

Some days when I look at this boy I have to hum to myself “I’m too sexy for my leash.” What can I say, the borzoi isView full post »