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Red borzoi

I know, I am beautiful

Timber     What can I say, this dog was born to be a model. Another evening with My Model T.View full post »

Red borzoi

I want what you have

Timber   This boy has adopted a new policy. If I want it it’s mine. If I don’t want it, it is still mine. If it’s yours,View full post »

Red borzoi

The devil made me do it

Timber  I remember the Flip Wilson’s phrase “The devil made me do it” from my childhood and I hadn’t thought of itView full post »

Red borzoi on victorian settee photo

Don’t think I’ll fit

Timber  I’m guessing the borzoi weren’t allowed on the parlor furniture during victorian times. Or, maybe the borzoi wereView full post »

Red borzoi photo

Friday is that really you?

Timber  Dear Weekend, Is that really you that I see just around the corner? I so enjoy your company, but it seems that you dash in onView full post »

Red borzoi smiling photo

All smiles, it’s Friday

Timber Friday’s are always welcome at our house. In fact, I wish they would come around a little more often. When I brought TimberView full post »

Borzoi at sunset photo

Wishing for peace

Timber Tonight our hearts are with the runners, families and friends of Boston.View full post »

Red borzoi

My model T

Timber Just hanging out on a beautiful spring evening.View full post »

Borzoi at sunset

Remembering the clear skies

Timber Just seven days ago we lounged on the beach and watch the sunset. The weather was warm and delightful and all of my senses were inView full post »

Borzoi at sunset photo

My model T at the beach

Timber The weather has been amazingly beautiful lately. If my memory serves me, it has been really uncharacteristic as compare to otherView full post »

Borzoi in the sunset photo

There is no place like home

Timber My short stay in Chicago was wonderful. Someday I really hope to go back and spend a little more time. I stayed at the FairmontView full post »

Borzoi at sunset photo

I wish I may

Timber Have the wish I wish tonight.View full post »