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Borzoi at sunset

At the end of the day with my model T

Timber It was a fabulous day today. We spent the morning the Joys of Assistance Living Dogs. They were having their Fur and FunView full post »

Red borzoi

Weekend forecast

Timber Right now, the weather forecast remains at “best guess,” but we are hopeful and prepared.View full post »

Borzoi hiking in the woods

Take a hike T

Timber I have lived in Oregon long enough to learn that every February for about two and half weeks we get a spring teaser. TheView full post »

Borzoi at sunset

T to the B

Timber The Willamette Valley is in some sort of fog funk. For many days now we have been socked in tight with an extremely cold fog. MostView full post »

Borzoi in the fog

Dog in the fog

Timber Although I am not necessarily enjoying the colder temperatures, I am loving some of the weird weather, not rain related that comesView full post »

Greyhound and borzoi at sunset


Crystal and Timber Day 322, 2012 Looking back, 2012 was an awesome year. We slowed down a little over the bumps in the road, but we gotView full post »

Borzoi at sunrise

Sunrise, sunset

Timber at sunrise Day 244, 2012 Same dog, same beach, different times of the day. I’m really loving that early morning light. TheView full post »

Borzoi at the Oregon coast during moonset

My model T – moonstruck

Timber Day 240, 2012 I have a bucket list. Photos that I want to try and of course succeed with. One of them includes a full moon, theView full post »

Borzoi in twilight at the Oregon Coast

My model T – twilight

Timber Day 231, 2012 One more of Timber Saturday night. We waited long enough for the twilight, my very favorite time of day.View full post »

My model T – dune doggie

Timber Day 229, 2012 Ok, ok I know I’m partial, but as I finally got around to looking at a few more of Saturday evenings photos,View full post »

Reflections of My model T

Timber Day 227, 2012 The weather was better than perfect out at the coast Saturday night. In fact, I think unbelievable might be anView full post »

Tide coming in

Timber Day 210, 2012 When we go out to the beach, I like to go when the tide is on it’s way out. The reflections are always betterView full post »