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The zoi with the curl

Timber Day 110, 2012 We had some extra time, so Timber and I went in just to play with the lighting. He is My model T after all. He workedView full post »

My model T

Timber Day 105, 2012 The sun was just over the horizon, just enough to be above the trees to the west. Timber has a sense when the sunView full post »

Sunday afternoon

Timber Day 101, 2012 How could it possibly get any better than this? Timber relaxed in a corner of the acre this afternoon and just sort ofView full post »

Test drive

Timber Day 99, 2012 I’m test driving a new lens today. I have read review after review on the new Canon 70-300 f/4-5.6L lens and itView full post »

Isn’t it time we walked?

Timber Day 98, 2012 Alright, who taught this boy to tell time? The lighting was nice, I just wanted a few images. He, on the other handView full post »

The red head strikes again

An Apple a Day The red head is shamelessly recruiting votes. Yes, thinking his beauty is unsurpassed he has entered a photography contestView full post »

My model T, tundra dog

Timber Day 80, 2012 We watched the snow fall into the evening last night. The big fluffy flakes were reminiscent of growing up in Montana.View full post »

Another day, another model T

Timber Day 75, 2012 I took Timber back out today to see if we couldn’t clean up his photo from yesterday a little bit more. OfView full post »

My model t

Timber Day 74, 2012 This dog belongs on the stage, in lights. He is just drop dead gorgeous no matter how you spin it. Despite the rainyView full post »

My model t, still working it

Timber Day 66, 2012 Our days go something like this: Check the weather and if it looks like we are going to have some sort of cooperation,View full post »

The sky is falling

My model T Day 65, 2012 ‘Twas borzoi weather today. Timber was thrilled to go out and play in this almost unexpected, very wetView full post »


Mykah Day 64, 2012 Since I had thrown myself at Kendra’s feet wanting to take photos of the new baby, I really did not want to be aView full post »