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Blue weimaraner

Pretty little weimerina

Maverick    Our little acre was bustling with visitors today. We started the day with Megan, Rachel and their little dogs and ended withView full post »

Weimaraner puppy

Rumor has it

If they could just stay little    Apparently little Maverick turned six months old today. Not sure how that happened. It seems like it wasView full post »

Two weimaraners

It’s weimie time

Murphy and Charlie    This evening we attended the third weimie playdate. Murphy and Charlie win the prize for traveling for the farthestView full post »

Puggalier and French bulldog

Thanks for coming out

Tahoe and Olivia    In true Oregon fashion we had a schizophrenic weather day at Bark for Life. Just as we got the tent set up it startedView full post »

weimaraner puppy and borzoi

Listen here little whippersnapper

Maverick and Glory    Glory to Maverick: “Listen here little whippersnapper, I have three balls and you have none. They are mine,View full post »

Long-haired weimaraner puppy

When things go bump in the night

Running from trouble    Poor Maverick. He came to grammy’s house to play and stretch his legs. He looks like he was running for hisView full post »

Two fawn greyhounds

28 candles

Jillian and Slinky    A very happy, happy birthday to our twins Slinky and Jillian. Today, our little spinster sisters turn 14. I almostView full post »

Two pekingese and aussie

April showers

Mochi, Frankie and Lena Bring May flowers and what better flowers than these three beauties. This is my favorite time of year. Our yardView full post »

Chihuahua in a raincoat

Thank you for joining us

Ducky    We had an awesome day at Nature’s Pet Wilsonville today for their Reigning Cats and Dogs event. Ducky was dressed for theView full post »

Blue weimaraner running

Field of weimie dreams

Luna It was game day and the weimaraners were ready to rock-n-roll. Since the gig was at Luna’s place, she had the home fieldView full post »

Blue long-haired weimaraner

Going to a weimaraner party

Goldee    I realize that nearly everyone that knows me, knows I’m a sighthound kinda girl. I love all dogs, but those long-nosedView full post »

Italian greyhound running

Flight of the tiny greyhound

Jericho We had a whirlwind of activity at Greyhound Gardens this weekend. It’s my favorite time of year. The fruit trees are in bloomView full post »