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greyhound looking up

Celebrating Pete

My Peter Peter Pan When you look to the skies at night, there is a new constellation in the shape of the heart. It belongs to Pete, the boyView full post »

Borzoi in tulip field

Fields of Glory

Pretty in pink If a trip out to the tulip fields at sunrise is good, a trip out at sunset is even better. Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm neverView full post »

Borzoi in tulip fields

Zip toe through the tulips

Zippy in the tulips    We sprang out of bed sometime between 3:30 and 4 am so that we could make our way out to the tulip fields beforeView full post »

Two borzoi

A mild end to March

Timber and Zip    At 6 pm tonight the thermometer on my car read 74° and it is only March 31. We took the boys down the Riverfront Park inView full post »

Brindle greyhound

My what big eyes you have!

Sara    Sara is our 12 year old greyhound. She probably has the biggest eyes of any greyhound. I wonder what that girlfriend is thinking.View full post »

White dachshund mix

Need a little Harmony in your life?

Peeking out from behind    This tiny little girl is a little shy when you first meet her. Her long snowy white body is evidence that sheView full post »

Red borzoi

Greetings from My Model T

Timber in the timbers    I realized that there hasn’t been much from the red head lately. Still stunningly beautiful and demanding asView full post »

National puppy day

National Puppy Day

Celebrating National Puppy Day with the Mav    I was pleasantly surprised when I woke up this morning and discovered that it was NationalView full post »

Two weimaraners

And then, the baby started to grow up

Maverick and goldee engaged in a great game of “it’s mine” Sunday was our bi-weekly visit with grand doggons. That babyView full post »

Portrait of a greyhound

Celebrating lucky seven

Happy seventh birthday Pete In the traditional Chinese culture, Seven represents the combination of Yin, Yang and Five Elements (Metal,View full post »

Lab mix looking up

Just a really good dog, that’s Rudy

Are you my new mommy and daddy? Saturday was a most beautiful day in Salem and we made fast tracks out to Marion County Dog Shelter knowingView full post »

Greyhound running

Spring break

It’s here, it’s finally here    Prepare for impact. Feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent. Eh, the girlfriend missedView full post »