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Long-haired weimaraner puppy with red balloons

99 red balloons

Little Mav, he’s growing so fast I feel like it is my duty as chief grandma to present new photos of the youngest grand doggon.View full post »

Weimaraner and ball

Which came first? The weimaraner or the ball?

Luna I often ask myself the question, which came first, the weimaraner or the ball. The two go together like peanut butter and jelly. IfView full post »

French bulldog looking up

Here’s looking at you kid

Izzy    This pint-sized bundle of joy is Izzy. She charmed the socks right off of me the minute I met her. Izzy’s grandma won aView full post »

Two dogs on the beach

The beach or bust

The rock at Pacific City with Sherman and Harvey Meet Sherman, the magnificent brindle French bulldog and his sidekick, companionView full post »

Weimaraner puppy

Little leaps

Maverick    I would be amiss if I didn’t acknowledge leap year. I honestly don’t know how we got to the end of February soView full post »

Blue and gray ghost weimaraner

The Duke

Duke and Luna A friend of ours has Luna, the blue weimaraner. When I saw on Facebook that she was fostering a boy, I could hardly to waitView full post »

Wrapping up For the Love of Pete

It was an amazing event for our Pete. I can’t even begin to express how much everyone’s support meant to us. Pete is ourView full post »

Fawn greyhound

Eat my dust

Peter Pan racing for his own cure Twinkle-toes Pete would like to give everyone an update. Our happy boy never ceases to amaze me or ceaseView full post »

Hound dog

Sing it girlfriend

Jenna Saturday Karen and I went out to Marion County Dog Shelter to photograph the adoptable dogs. I had looked at the list before we leftView full post »

puppy in the doorway

I love you to infinity and beyond

Maverick watching the big girls play I am always told, just wait until you get grandchildren, you will be so excited. I honestlyView full post »

Two borzoi

Two peas in a pod

Glory and Sage    Our dogs are sometimes like the cobblers children, they have no shoes. I mean, I don’t get out and photograph themView full post »

Two borzoi

Happy happy birthday babies!

Glory and Sage celebrate one year! I remember the day so well, the message came in at 4:55 pm on February 19, 2015. We have a litter thatView full post »