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Rat terrier mix photo

Radar dishes

Austin    This little guy is so sweet. He’s a little shy, but it last moments. Once he realizes that there is a lap that he canView full post »

Brown and white chihuahua mix

Look into my eyes

Ginger Snap    Please, come a little closer, look deep, deep into my eyes. This 11 month old chihuahua mix is available for adoption at theView full post »

Senior black and tan miniature pinscher photo

Hey Mickey

Mickey     This adorable little guy is Mickey. He’s an 8 year old miniature pinscher available for adoption at the Marion County DogView full post »

Terrier mix photo

Feeling a little Fozzy?

Fozzy    Beneath all of those tufts of gray hair are the softest brown eyes you will ever look into. They are a little shy, but once heView full post »

boxer mix photo

Cobie the big cuddle bug

Cobie    Cobie came into the room for his portrait and promptly strolled over to where I was sitting and patiently waited for me to giveView full post »

White poodle mix

Gettin’ Ziggy with it

Ziggy   I see long walks, popcorn and romance movies and lots of snuggle time ahead for this little guy. His forever family must come withView full post »

white and black beagle mix

Sweet things come in small packages

Jasmine   This little cutie is Jasmine. She’s a beagle mix waiting for her forever home at the Marion County DogView full post »

White and gray shah tzu photo

Cute as a button

Patches A button nose  and button eyes, this little guy is ready for love. Patches is one-year old male shih tzu just looking for hisView full post »

brindle pug photo

Hey pug fans

Lulu   Your new family member is waiting for her forever family at the Marion County Dog Shelter. This beautiful little girl is three-yearsView full post »

chihuahua mix

Who da boss?

Conrad Judging by the look on Conrad’s face, I don’t think I’m the boss. He grabbed his leash as if to see he was goingView full post »

Hanging out on a Saturday night

Zena So happy to see that this little one is hanging out with her forever family. She got adopted from the Marion County Dog Shelter thisView full post »

tan and white boxer mix photo

Belly rubber needed

Tia   How are you at belly rubs? That is an important topic for Tia as she waits for her forever home at the Marion County Dog Shelter. TiaView full post »