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Day 503- Just another rose

ISO 100, 100mm macro, f/20, 20.0 sec I have a beautiful bouquet of flowers sitting on the table, roses and gerber daisies. It is quiteView full post »

Day 453 – Dancing in the breeze

ISO 100, 100mm macro, f/32, 1/60 sec. A host, of golden daffodils; Beside the lake, beneath the trees, Fluttering and dancing in theView full post »

Day 451 – Vintage memory

This week’s assignment for Project 52 was a macro of electronics using light and specular and shadow and reflection. Not so easy andView full post »

Day 437 – Broken strings

ISO 100, 100mm macro, f/32, 30.0 sec I spent my childhood hidden behind a violin. I played in my first year of college and decided itView full post »

Day 411 – Minature roses, a re-run

ISO 100, 100mm macro, f/20, 20 sec I had a few questions from my miniature roses last night and I thought I would re-shoot with theView full post »

Day 409 – Happy Valentine’s Day

ISO 100, 100mm macro, f/25, 1/160 sec Although these roses were orange when they arrived, I’m feeling rather nostalgic about love andView full post »

Day 372

ISO 100, 100mm macro, f/32, 15.0 sec Day 372 – Nothing in moderation One more time around the sale daisies. Anyone that knows me,View full post »

Day 370

ISO 400, 100mm, f/29, 5.0 sec Day 370 – Pushing up daisies My sale daisies were still looking good tonight, so I worked them a littleView full post »

Day 369

ISO 100, 100mm macro, f/2.8, 1/5 sec Day 369 – Desperately seeking spring Requesting 40° or warmer, daylight until at least 6:30 pm.View full post »

Day 228 – Highlights

ISO 100, 100mm macro, f/8.0, 1/50 sec. Day 228 – Highlights Daily Shoot: Make a photograph of a plant today. It can be a small one inView full post »

Day 22 – Early bloomers

ISO100, 100mm macro, f/2.8, 1/50 sec Day 22 – Early bloomersWe know spring is here when the pussy willows bloom.View full post »