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Two borzoi

Zoication T minus 12 hours

Brozois on the beach    Our much-needed zoication starts tomorrow. It’s bucket list trip. We’ll start in Astoria, OR and driveView full post »

Borzoi laying in the sand

Borzoi blue

Longing for the beach    How I wish we were back at the beach. Zip does too.View full post »

Borzoi at the top of a sand dune

The beach zois

Zip and Timber, kings of the dune    In an attempt to escape the beastly heat of the valley, we headed out to the coast for a bit thisView full post »

Happy dog running on the beach

Oh happy days

Happy Ray running on the beach    I’m back. Woo hoo!!!!! It’s true, my site was hacked. The first night I discovered it, IView full post »

Weimaraner on wheels at the beach

Weimie wheels

Emma, weimie on wheels    When Emma was diagnosed with lymphoma a few weeks ago, I suggested to Holly that we do a photo session soon. IView full post »

borzoi at sunset

Happy Earth Day!

Timber    Enjoy the beauty around you.View full post »

Red borzoi at sunset

Oh doggy, that beach was windy

Timber    We had planned to go to the beach Friday evening for a sunset, but according to my weather program it was pretty windy. It canView full post »

Sing it girlfriend

Emma    I’m pretty sure every one in Rockaway Beach or maybe even the entire Oregon coast new we arrived. Emma was so excited to beView full post »

What do you get?

Holly and Emma    When you bring a girl and her dog to the beach? Autzen and Joe and a lab and his tennis ball to the beach? Emma andView full post »


Timber    It has been a long and productive week. I’m always delighted to see the week end, but this one feels really good.View full post »

The zoi boy, My Model T, at sunset

Timber    Yesterday after the Howl-a-palooza, I looked to the west and then I checked the forecast. I knew in an instant it was time for aView full post »