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Plymouth Barred Rock Rooster

Oh the 10% rooster

90% chance. When you stand over the bin of chicks at the farm stores, the sign above it says you have a 90% chance of having a pullet. MostView full post »

Anna's hummingbird

Bring it on spring

Anna’s hummingbird.   I really haven’t been missing from action, just missing from the computer. Spring fever is going strongView full post »

Painting of an American Pit Bull Terrier

I is for Ida

Portrait of Ida Painting my way through the alphabet one dog at a time I still painting my way through the alphabet. I got a littleView full post »

Painting of two borzoi

Lost in the flowers

Glory and Sage Bird Dogs, fifth in a series Karen and I have spent the last month or so revamping the gardens. It’s been an amazingView full post »

Scrub jay with peanut

Just a little jay joy

Enjoying a sun shower    Who needs Netflix when you have jays at the peanut feeder? Our first day of spring brakation was a mix of rain,View full post »

Anna's hummingbird flying

Spring, my favorite transition season

Anna’s hummingbird I love the transition seasons, fall and spring. I enjoy all of the seasons actually, each one has their ownView full post »

Portrait of a terrier mix

H is for Harry

Harry Arthur Wilson Cole Painting my way through the alphabet They say you never forget your first. Harry was my first custom session. HeView full post »

barred Plymouth Rock chick

Lounging ladies

Blender, 33 day old barred Plymouth Rock chick    The chickens continue to amuse and amaze us every day. Blender is bursting withView full post »

Rufous hummingbird

Rufous proofus

Newcomer to Greyhound Gardens    For as long as I can remember I have always been enamored by hummingbirds. Except for once or twice byView full post »

Long-haired Weimaraner

G is for Goldee

Goldee Painting my way through the alphabet My journey of painting dogs through the alphabet continues. I learn something new with each dogView full post »

Spring swingers

Edie, 25 day old mystery bantam chick The little baby chicks are growing like weeds now. And every day they get just a little moreView full post »

Plymouth barred rock chick

Let the farming begin

Blender, 19-day old barred Plymouth Rock chick Saturday’s photos of the 19-day old chicks brought many changes in their appearance.View full post »