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red and white chihuahua photo

Rex with the tippy ears

Rex   Those adorable little tippy ears belong to Rex. And just for the record, Rex is looking for his forever home. He’s as happy asView full post »

Red and white chihuahua

Skipping into your heart

Skip  It must have been little dog day at Marion County Dog Shelter this week. Every dog we photographed was an itsy bitsy dog. This littleView full post »

Red brindle greyhound on settee photo

Exciting Saturday nights

Jori I double-dare you, ask me how we spend Saturday nights? Long gone are the days of late wild nights and hot dates. OK, maybe we didView full post »

The river dogs

Eli In his younger days, Eli bounded up and down the bank chasing sticks and running after Julie as she paddled around the Willamette RiverView full post »

White and red pit bull puppy photo

Behind the scenes

April Somedays you just gotta let your hair down and have a little fun. April has already been adopted from the Marion County Dog Shelter,View full post »

white and brindle greyhound photo

Cancer sucks

Flo  She had the biopsy on Friday. As I met with the Dr., he said he was “concerned.” Still, in a state of shock and denial andView full post »

German wire-hair pointer photo

Come along, I’ll drive

Callie Last week I had the complete and totally unexpected pleasure of meeting a pair of German wire-haired pointers. They were our escortsView full post »

Red borzoi on victorian settee photo

Don’t think I’ll fit

Timber  I’m guessing the borzoi weren’t allowed on the parlor furniture during victorian times. Or, maybe the borzoi wereView full post »

Fawn greyhound photo

Double the fun

Jillian and Slinky are litter mates, or better known as the twins. They will be cruising into their 11 birthday next month, but don’tView full post »

Red borzoi photo

Friday is that really you?

Timber  Dear Weekend, Is that really you that I see just around the corner? I so enjoy your company, but it seems that you dash in onView full post »

White and blue greyhound

Anybody there?

Minnie Is Minnie is gazing out the window looking for someone to knock on her door.View full post »