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Bantam chick

Introducing the ladies

Gracie, a mystery bantam Breaking momentarily from our regularly scheduled programming. Karen and I have been reading and researchingView full post »

Anna's hummingbird

Happy to see the sunshine

Anna’s hummingbird During our cold snap we brought the hummingbird feeders in at night to keep them from freezing and first thing inView full post »

Portrait of a chicken

Which comes first

Portrait of a chicken    About every month or so a group of weimaraners get together for a play date for their dogs. We don’t haveView full post »


Cock of the walk

Is this my best side? This guy new how to strut his stuff. He definitely entertained me as I followed him around the yard. He is probablyView full post »


Rise and shine

Portrait of a rooster    I spent some quality time stalking roosters and chickens today. Our plan is to add a few chickens to family thisView full post »

Rooster painting

Strutting into the future

We went to another weimie party last Saturday. I love those dogs and they are so much fun, but I really fell in love in with the chickens.View full post »


Free range romance

We called him Free Range Rocky Our neighbors to the north have free range chickens in their yard as do our neighbors to the south. I amView full post »

Santa and a rabbit

The jolly old elf is resting up

Santa Paws and Frankie    I’ve been getting reports all week from the elves at the North Pole. Rumor has it that we wore Santa PawsView full post »

Blue dragonfly

Peace beside the pond

Dragonfly at the Oregon Garden    Our office had our yearly retreat at the Oregon Garden today. Our short break this afternoon was for someView full post »


Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful

When Mr. Handsome strolls by My calendar for today said 9 am, Yamhill Valley Campus. I do love the part of my day job at the college thatView full post »

Seeing eye to eye

Three goats Saturday afternoon was a dream session. We arrived at a farm at the top of a mountain just outside of Wilsonville, Oregon. TrueView full post »