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Seth Day 46, 2012 Next to a white and black dog, I love the midnight black hounds. The reality, their beauty is unsurpassed. In the light,View full post »

Look into my eyes

Billberry Day 45, 2012 This is Billberry. I have gotten completely lost in his eyes. They have such a sincere and kind look. I realize howView full post »

Love is in the ears

Bridget Day 44, 2012 On Saturday I went up to the greyhound kennel to take photos for the adoption group website, Oregon GreyhoundView full post »


Emma Day 43 2012 You know that character on Disney, Goofy? After spending a little time with Emma yesterday, I am fairly certain that theView full post »


Autzen Day 42 2012 I am doing the Project 52 once again this year. Our first assignment this year is chocolate. I have to admit, I am not aView full post »

Oh Henry

Henry Karen and I went up to the adoption kennel to take pictures of the greyhounds available for adoption. There are some really beautifulView full post »

Beach dogs

Tanner Day 35, 2012 Whenever we arrive at the beach, I do two things first. I check to see the where the high water mark is for the tideView full post »

Puppy moments

Day 28, 2012 Hmmmmm, wonder if this cute little puppy was sticking his tongue out at his brother or me?View full post »

Golden moments

Joey Day 26, 2012 I don’t think I have ever seen a golden puppy before. Be still my beating heart. This puppy will begin training toView full post »

Don’t worry, I’ve got it

Timber Day 17, 2012 Timber was wired for sound on Sunday, I couldn’t get a bad picture of him if I tried.View full post »

From the dog park

Minto Brown Dog Park Day 15, 2012 We had just wandered onto the dog park when we saw this pack o’ five following their owner. TheyView full post »

The sky is falling

Skirvee Day 14, 2012 Oregon called it snow, or not. I ran out with the dogs and the camera just to capture a few flakes falling. The lookView full post »