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It’s time to play

Scotch and Piquin    The week end is here. Time to find your best friend and play hard.View full post »

Red hot chilies

Piquin   One litter, five little girls, leaping and rolling and jumping. When they weren’t leaping and rolling and jumping, they madeView full post »

Eight golden retriever puppies photo

Ending the week with a smile

The Joys of Living Assistance Dogs I had so much fun with the puppies that I wanted to end the week with just one more photo of all them.View full post »

Golden retriever puppies photo

Pretty please

The eyes have it I am afraid that the word “no” just exited my vocabulary. Seriously, how could anyone tell these babies no?View full post »

Golden retriever puppies photo

Shush, the puppies are sleeping

The L litter My life is one wonderful story right after another and today was another highlight. These eight little sleepy heads are the LView full post »

I wish I may, I wish I might

Puppies in training Day 54, 2012 When Joy from The Joys of Assistance Dogs told me the puppies were taking their first outing to the park,View full post »

Puppy moments

Day 28, 2012 Hmmmmm, wonder if this cute little puppy was sticking his tongue out at his brother or me?View full post »

Golden moments

Joey Day 26, 2012 I don’t think I have ever seen a golden puppy before. Be still my beating heart. This puppy will begin training toView full post »