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Two borzoi at sunset

A riverfront sunset

Timber and Zip at Riverfront Park in Salem    The color in the sky is pretty remarkable these days largely due to the smoke in the air fromView full post »

Red borzoi in sunlight

My model T, Prince Charming edition

Yes, he still is my Prince Charming    We were once again spending some quality time in the vet clinic today (have I mentioned that IView full post »

Long-haired weimaraner

To grandmother’s house we go

Goldee    Goldee made her visit to the acre today. I would be a rotten grandma if I didn’t take the camera out and play for a bit.View full post »

Walk and Wag

We had a wonderful time at the Walk ‘n’ Wag in August. Many thanks to everyone that stopped by for a portrait and even justView full post »

White and black American pit bull terrier

The sky is falling

What is coming out of the sky?    We have had immeasurable rain all summer long and finally, last Saturday while we were out at the MarionView full post »

Treeing coon hound

Sing it girlfriend

Helen, available for adoption at the Marion County Dog Shelter I like all of the dogs that we do adoption photos for at the Marion CountyView full post »

White American bulldog

Missy Bo Jingles

Jingles, a heart stealer for sure    Jingles is one of my new friends from the Walk and Wag last week. This darling bulldog lights up theView full post »

Two Italian greyhounds


Ella and Lily, best friends forever    Last Saturday we had the pleasure of having a booth at the Wag ‘n’ Walk benefitting PetView full post »

Italian greyhound laying in the grass

A little grandma joy

Catching the shade on a hot August day    Amidst all of the chaos and sadness at our house, it was such a joy to have a visit from ourView full post »

Borzoi and greyhound

Do you duck or catch life’s curve ball

The view from our kitchen table. Every. Single. Day.    Here’s the abridged version, more details in the next few paragraphs. CrystalView full post »

Jack Russell Terrier mix

And today it’s Harley

Harley, available for adoption at the Marion County Dog Shelter    Just look at this happy-go-lucky guy and tell me you are notView full post »

Black pit bull available for adoption

Meet Marley

Marley, waiting for his forever home at Marion County Dog Shelter    This handsome young man is awaiting the arrival of his forever familyView full post »