Where are we going to do the session?

Your second most important decision now is location. Where are we going to go? Much of this decision is driven by the personality of your pet and the memories you want recorded for your heart.

Do you have a favorite place that you and your pet visit? Is your pet more animated and comfortable in your own home? Do you want the beauty of nature to create a natural backdrop for your pet?

A quick note about safety. We have sighthounds and we never, ever let them off leash in an unfenced area. I am adamant about their safety, probably bordering on paranoia and I feel the exact same way about your pet. If they cannot trusted off-leash, we won't take any chances. I am a master at working around the leash in Photoshop.

There's no place like home

For many pets, especially cats, this is so true. If the world around them is scary, then let me come to you. I am a completely portable studio. We can have your session inside your home or in your backyard. I want your pet to be comfortable and feel completely at ease. And sometimes, a personal touch is important.

Play date at the park

A ball, a frisbee or just chasing around with wild abandonment. If this makes your pet’s heart go pitter patter, then let’s find a park. There is always the potential for an interruption, but I'm usually pretty good at working around that. If an unknown event is happening during your session, we might just have to think of a plan B.

A walk in the woods

We live in Oregon and beauty surrounds us everywhere we look. Just imagine a waterfall, a meandering trail, moss cover tree trunks or a vast wide open space. The ideas are limitless. Make it special, make it personal, make it yours.

Ah yes, the great outdoors. Tell me, where is you and your bestie 's favorite place to go and escape from the every day? I'm ready, let's take a hike.

Romp on the beach

My very favorite place to go. Open sandy beaches, salty air, seagulls. It just doesn't get any better.

A word of warning though. I watch the weather apps, but even the best weather programs can't always produce an accurate forecast. A promised sunset encased in mysterious fog, sunny days blanketed in overcast. A session at the beach will be wonderful time no matter the weather”

Formal rustic studio

OK, I admit it, at one time my little rustic studio housed two vehicles. Now, I like to think of it as a super-sized door leading into a space with a backdrop and lighting, a few antique settees and other assorted items I have picked up along the way. It's perfect.

The six-foot fenced acre

This is our paradise. We live on an acre and most of it sits behind the house with gardens and gardens. Late spring, summer and fall it's a whole lot of color. We have a six-foot fence all around, even the goats and chickens have their own six-foot fenced yard. Room to run around and have fun.

Are you ready to book that session yet?

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