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10 photos from 2020

8 bengal kittens
Line ’em up

Here are my 10 favorite photos from 2020

2020 definitely looked different in 2020, but I still had fun taking photos once the lock-down was lifted. Some of my favorites have been bengal kittens. They have been so much fun. Well, kittens… of course they were fun.

weim/dane cross posing

The auction winner

Gracie is the recipient of an auction for Oregon Weimaraner Rescue that I gifted a certificate to. She came with her little sisters, a dachshund and terrier mix and they were so stinking cute together.

Gracie is a Great Dane and Weimaraner cross and she was drop dead gorgeous. She totally rocked the goofy personalities of a dane and a weimie even though she looks so stately here.

portrait of a borzoi

My new co-worker

Since March the college where I do my day job went to remote working. It’s been such a joy to be home with the dogs and goats and chickens. Zip will forever be a constant companion.

And yes, I do find his eyes swoon-worthy.

Portrait of a golden doodle

Old friends

I’ve been taking photos of Daisy for a really long time, but this was her first time in my studio. Daisy is one of the those dogs that is more human than dog.

We got many great photos of her that day and I loved this one because to me, she looks more human than dog.

French bulldog puppy

Puppies in a buggy

I always squeal with delight when I get a call for a puppy. At the very least, I get to pull out my antique buggies reserved for puppies and kittens. The best part of all is playing with puppies.

Two boxers on a park bench
Lillian and Cove

Hanging out in the garden

Cove and Lillian had a winter session in the garden and I really love the what the winter gardens has to offer. The stark beauty is so different from the fullness and color of the other seasons.

goat in a bucket
Bucket o’ Gravy

Gotta love the happy pills

The goats will forever be my happy pills. I love wandering down to the barnyard for a nudge and a nibble. Gravy is a very friendly boy and is quick to get in line for his daily carrot.

He’s not so little anymore and I don’t think he’d fit in their snack bucket anymore.

two dogs on antique settee
Sunny and Nikko hanging out in the studio

Ready for the holidays

We had a great time doing short holiday sessions in December. They were perfect for people that just wanted an 8 x 10″ portrait of their pets for the holidays. Sunny and Nikko graciously came with their own neckwear and it was perfect.

Dog running toward camera

Racing through the gardens

Cooder was one of my favorite sessions. A few weeks earlier he suffered a grand Mal seizure and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He came to my studio for a celebration session, to celebrate his spirit, his beauty and his love for life.

This happy boy racing across the acre is Cooder. His family held his paw as he crossed to the rainbow bridge a few weeks later.

Reflection of a puppy

My very favorite of photo of the year. There is just something about Piper’s look that brings me right in.

We printed this one large, 20 x 24″ with a two inch matte and a two inch frame and it is stunning.

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