Monthly Archives: July 2011

571 – Yaquina Head Lighthouse

Yaquina Head Lighthouse Welcome to my new home. I went back and forth many times about moving away from blogspot. It was a great platform,View full post »

Day 570 – White & Sons

ISO 100, 24mm, f/6.3, 13. sec I have driven past this building a million times and thought I should probably stop and take a closer look.View full post »

Day 569 – Twister

ISO 100, 50mm, f/20, 1.6 sec The Riverfront in Salem is hosting the Brew & Bite this week-end.View full post »

Day 568 – Moonlight in the Vineyard

By day I am the graphic designer for the local community college. I’m really lucky because I love what I do. I have my days when IView full post »

Day 567 – Dee Wright Observatory

When we headed up to Dee Wright Observatory in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday, I really had not done my homework. I was evenView full post »

Day 566 – Three sisters

ISO 100, 82mm, f/22, 0.3 sec. Looking at the Three Sisters peaks from the top of McKenzie Pass.View full post »

Day 565 – One person’s weed…

ISO 200, 100mm macro, f/6.3, 1/125 sec Is someone else’s garden. At least until Karen mowed the lawn.View full post »

Day 564 – On top of the Cascades

There is a place at the top of McKenzie Pass called the Dee Wright Observatory. I’ve always thought it would be a great place toView full post »

Day 563 – Happy Friday

ISO 400, 100mm macro, f/5.6, 1/500 sec. Here’s to a colorful and cheery week-end.View full post »

Day 562 – Turf wars

I will warn you right now, if you don’t like insects, this probably isn’t a good day to read the blog. We’ve heard fromView full post »

Day 561 – Upper North Falls

ISO 100, 24mm, f/13, 1/4 sec Silver Falls State Park. A great place to go for a quick drive, short hike and beautiful view.View full post »

Day 560 – Evening glory

ISO 200, 200mm, f/4.0, 1/320 sec Guess this morning glory missed the memo that it was supposed to close down in the evening. I’veView full post »