Monthly Archives: January 2012

Puppy moments

Day 28, 2012 Hmmmmm, wonder if this cute little puppy was sticking his tongue out at his brother or me?View full post »

The golden pond

Inland Shores Lake Day 27, 2012 When I finished taking pictures of the puppies yesterday the sun was just beginning to set. I was prettyView full post »

Golden moments

Joey Day 26, 2012 I don’t think I have ever seen a golden puppy before. Be still my beating heart. This puppy will begin training toView full post »


Day 25, 2012 Our backyard is directly under a flight path. I love it when the geese fly overhead. When I came home from the vet clinic IView full post »

Thank you

Day 24, 2012 Yesterday as I was driving back onto campus from running the dogs, I got a phone call reminding me of the division birthdayView full post »

The power of positive thinking

Sunrise in Death Valley Day 23, 2012 Here is a desperate attempt to bring on some sun. I took this at sunrise in Death Valley two yearsView full post »

The bridge

Union Street Bridge Day 22, 2012 One last photo of the Willamette River during the flood.View full post »

The window

Marion Street Bridge, Salem, Oregon Day 21, 2012 I love the architecture of the bridge supports of the Marion Street Bridge. ConstructionView full post »

Portait of an afghan hound

Day 20, 2012 We attended the Rose City Dog Show today. I think this may have been my first dog show ever. We had a great time and metView full post »

2012 flood Salem Oregon

Day 19, 2012 To say the least, the weather has been a bit squirrelly around here lately. Yesterday they made the decision to close theView full post »