Monthly Archives: February 2012

Black and white

The stand-off Day 59, 2012 I watched as these two played at the Minto Brown dog park. They weren’t from the same family, but theyView full post »

A plea for Henry

Henry Day 58, 2012 Henry is one of those beautiful boys that needs a special home. He’s a ten year young boy that has to be an onlyView full post »

My model t

Timber Day 57, 2012 As promised, we had clear skies most of the day and I raced home in hopes of catching Timber at sunset. He was anView full post »

The model

Timber Day 56, 2012 Once again this year I am doing the Project 52 with Don Giannetti. It has a twist this year and it’s a littleView full post »

Ray-C, portrait of a horse

Ray-C Day 55, 2012 As a young girl I always wanted a horse. Of course I have always lived in suburban areas, granted they were very smallView full post »

I wish I may, I wish I might

Puppies in training Day 54, 2012 When Joy from The Joys of Assistance Dogs told me the puppies were taking their first outing to the park,View full post »

Wee ones

Day 53, 2012 Try as I may, it isn’t easy catching up to the parents at the dog park. I fell in love with this little corgi. He wasView full post »


Apollo Day 52, 2012 If I hadn’t met this guy up close and personal I would say that we had a flying nun sighting. Check out thoseView full post »


Cinder Day 51, 2012 We walked around the field at Minto Brown and walked up on a woman sitting on a bench reading a book. We smiled whenView full post »

Be’la and Nick

Be'la and Nick Day 50, 2012 A few weeks ago when we were out at Minto Brown dog park, someone had mentioned that there were a pair ofView full post »

Cha Cha Bella

Cha Cha Bella Day 49, 2012 We were just getting ready to leave the Riverfront Park after sunset when we ran into this adorable littleView full post »


Berkeley Day 48, 2012 We went down to the riverfront tonight in hopes of catching a sunset when what to my wondrous eyes should appearView full post »