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Puppy love

The K litter Day 116, 2012 I can now officially put a face to puppy love. These are two of the puppies of the K litter, assistance dogs inView full post »

The K litter, week 3

The K litter Day 115, 2012 Today the K litter turned three weeks old. I hadn’t been over to visit them for two weeks and wasView full post »

Portrait of Jillian

Jillian Day 113, 2012 Jillian has a twin sister, Slinky. On most days they look nearly identical except for the ears. Jillian is the partyView full post »

Sometimes you feel like a nut

Timber Day 113, 2012 My dogs don’t necessarily listen to what I want them to do, but rather they like to do there own thing. TimberView full post »

My model T

Timber Day 112, 2012 Another photo from “The zoi with the curl.” Timber belongs on runway in Paris, he just knows how to workView full post »

An Oregon sunset

Pacific coast sunset Day 111, 2012 If you live in Oregon, you know that sunsets are few and far between, especially this time of year. EvenView full post »

The zoi with the curl

Timber Day 110, 2012 We had some extra time, so Timber and I went in just to play with the lighting. He is My model T after all. He workedView full post »

Sunset Danny Bleu

Danny Bleu Day 108, 2012 What an incredible week-end. We’ve earned it. I could hardly contain myself as we headed out towards theView full post »


Sergeant John Day 107, 2012 Sergeant John is one of the pups from the J litter for The Joys of Living Assistance Dogs. He was so good asView full post »

On golden fawn

Slinky, Talley, Jillian, Skirvee Day 106, 2012 This was an experiment. I just wanted to see if I could get four greyhounds to line up in aView full post »

My model T

Timber Day 105, 2012 The sun was just over the horizon, just enough to be above the trees to the west. Timber has a sense when the sunView full post »

High five

Baby boy—K litter Day 104, 2012 This was the first of two baby boys from the K litter. As I sat on the ground photographing them, I wasView full post »