Monthly Archives: May 2012

The belle of the ball

Cinderella Day 136, 2012 Meet Cinderella, the belle of the ball. My season to work on the sunset dog collection is here, I hope. I loveView full post »

Animal, mineral, vegetable – part 3

Day 135, 2012 I’m still relishing our vacation in my mind. I miss the simpleness, the peace and quiet, the slow pace of nature. IView full post »

Meeting Cindy

Cindy Day 134, 2012 Cindy was the first girl we met at the shelter Saturday morning. Now is this way to start the day or what? She was suchView full post »

The Duchess of Marion County

Duchess Day 133, 2012 If you know me at all, you know I have been surrounded by big dogs for an eternity. I love all dogs, but there isView full post »

Flashman the bookstore dog

Flashman Day 132, 2012 On our last day in Sunriver we took one last walk around the village. We were there during off-season and theView full post »

Meet Frazier

Frazier Day 131, 2012 Between making three trips to the vet for our own dogs today, Karen and I made a fast trip out to the Marion CountyView full post »

Animal, mineral, vegetable-part 2

Central Oregon, a closer look Day 130, 2012 I loved being in Sunriver. There was just so much to see. Just as the sun was setting, we droveView full post »

Animal, mineral, vegetable

Central Oregon Day 129, 2012 We just returned from our vacation in Central Oregon. To say the least, it was fabulous. I was so surprised byView full post »

Here’s Zippy

Zippy Day 127, 2012 Karen went from one kennel to next to bring an adoptable dog from the Marion County Dog Shelter for me to photograph.View full post »

From innocence to guilt in 30 seconds

Timber Day 126, 2012 Yes, Mr. Model T is not always so perfect. In a few moments time he went from being a sweet and innocent photographyView full post »

Meet Freckles

Freckles Day 125, 2012 Can this little girl possible be any cuter? This is Freckles and she’s available for adoption at the MarionView full post »


Moose Day 124, 2012 I am volunteering at the county shelter to take photos of the adoptable dogs. I wanted a colorful background for themView full post »