Monthly Archives: June 2012

Dakota on the open waters

Dakota Day 163, 2012 Today I joined The Joys of Living Assistance Dogs at Henry Hagg Lake as they experienced their first boat rides.View full post »

12 weeks – the babies are growing up

Kody Day 162, 2012 It’s been a busy spring and I hadn’t made my way over to see the babies. They barely had their eyes open theView full post »

Pretty in Pinkie

Pinkie Day 161, 2012 This was one of my favorites from Saturday. Just by default, I’m really partial to sight hounds, but Pinkie hasView full post »

Meet Rocky

Rocky Day 160, 2012 What’s up doc? This is Rocky, the chocolate lab cross. Those eyes are begging for a couch to call his own. RockyView full post »

Beautiful brindle

Jori Day 159, 2012 Jori is one of those beautiful brindle babies. There is just something about a tiger striped dog. This little girl was aView full post »

It’s been a ruff kinda weekend

Bruiser Day 158, 2012 I can hardly believe Monday is staring me in the face already. It’s been a fabulous week-end, it’s beenView full post »

Meeting Asher

Asher Day 157, 2012 Asher is one of the new pups ready for adoption at the Marion County Dog Shelter. He is adorable. All of hisView full post »

The return of My Model T

Timber Day 156, 2012 Timber has returned to the runway after a short hiatus. Da boy is lookin’ good.View full post »

KNT A Blazin’

Flocko Day 155, 2012 – I know I have whined about this before, but sunsets are so darn fickle. Unless it is actually raining, everyView full post »

Sisters, sort of

Autzen and Emma Day 154, 2012 Sisterly love is not always what it is cracked up to be. Competition runs deeps in some families and when itView full post »

Autzen—the linebacker, not the stadium

Autzen Day 153, 2012 When I was of the childbearing age, I wanted girls. Girls to wear pink, girls with long hair. I never thought farView full post »


Emma Day 151, 2012 Emma has entered her golden years. Despite a little weakness in her legs, to look at her, you’d never knowView full post »