Monthly Archives: August 2012

Pack yer bags woman, we’re movin’ to Montana

Home Sweet Home Day 213, 2012 It’s true, I have found us a quaint little place in mountains of Montana. It’s only one room andView full post »

Nine Pipes

Rorie Day 212, 2012 The last two days of class work have been a whirlwind. I walked out of class tonight with my brain on overload. So muchView full post »

My how they are growing

April 8, 2012 • One day old Day 211, 2012 Some days I have to pinch myself, I must be the luckiest person I know. I’m following the KView full post »

Tide coming in

Timber Day 210, 2012 When we go out to the beach, I like to go when the tide is on it’s way out. The reflections are always betterView full post »

Billy the kid

Billy Day 209, 2012 Billy is another young one available at the Marion County Dog Shelter. He’s only 8 months old and a rat terrierView full post »

A bandit in the house

Edie Day 208, 2012 This little girl was so new at the Marion County Dog Shelter that she didn’t even have a name yet. But oh, herView full post »

My model T, lost in a fog

Timber Day 207, 2012 We headed west in hopes of catching a fabulous sunset. I didn’t have to drive very far to realize that thereView full post »

Meet the fast and fuzzy ball of fur

Harry Arthur Wilson Cole Day 206, 2012 This is Harry Arthur Wilson Cole, a totally cute little fur ball with rockets.  Yeah, he’dView full post »


PJ Day 205, 2012 We went back to the Marion County Dog Shelter this morning to photograph the adoptable dogs because I will miss the nextView full post »

Here kitty kitty

Day 204, 2012 A friend recently asked if I ever photographed cats. I love cats too, or anything furry or feathery. I really loveView full post »

Here’s Hardy, another hound dog

Hardy Day 203, 2012 When we arrive at the Marion County Dog Shelter, I usually make a quick swing through the kennel area to see who I willView full post »

Rumor… Major cuteness follows

Major Day 202, 2012 Let me introduce Major. He has got to be the coolest pittie… ever. Those big ole chops deliver the sloppiest wetView full post »