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Belly Day 267, 2012 Belly came into the shelter, her front leg was mangled and painful. She was oh so sweet and left the shelter with noView full post »

Tonks the cat

Tonks Day 266, 2012 This little beauty was accompanied by three beautiful young girls to her mini-session for the 2013 Pets of SalemView full post »

Stop! Enough is enough

Cloud Day 265, 2012 My heart goes out to all of the people that have become part of Hurricane Sandy’s story. I can’t even beginView full post »

Lucy, I’m home

Lucy Day 264, 2012 I don’t get very many opportunities to photograph kitties and when Nature’s Pet asked if I would come backView full post »

National Pit Bull Awareness Day

Fetcher Day 263, 2012 October 27 is National Pit Bull Awareness Day. It’s a day to appreciate the breed, educate the public andView full post »

Longing for summer, already

Autzen Day 263, 2012 Sheesh, we haven’t even hit the end of October and already I am longing for summer to come back. I miss theView full post »

Sweet and shy

Bruno Day 262, 2012 Somedays, a picture really does say 1000 words. As I looked over my photos from the adoptable dogs at the Marion CountyView full post »

Fire drill

Fire Suppression students Day 261, 2012 Last November I had the pleasure of photographing one of the night burn classes at ChemeketaView full post »

28 years later

Megan and Sadie Day 260, 2012 Ya, 28 years later I still have stretch marks from stem to stern. I still get gray hairs from worry. WeView full post »


Cincinnati Day 259, 2012 OK, just tell me, how sweet is this little guy? His name is Cincinnati and he is a one-year old shepherd mixView full post »

All we need is love

Tokyo Day 258, 2012 Tokyo was ready to turn himself inside out to get some lovin’ today at the Marion County Dog Shelter. He was soView full post »

A min pin named named Fonzi

Fonzi Day 257, 2012 I remember the first time I met a min pin. She was the cutest, most lovable dog I had ever seen. Shortly after that, IView full post »