Monthly Archives: November 2012

Baby it’s cold outside

Emm and Autzen Day 295, 2012 Sunday really was my lucky day, one kidlet in the morning and one in the afternoon. Of course for these two,View full post »

Hey! I know you

Caleb, Ryan, Olivia, Megan and Sadie Day 294, 2012 It’s always a good day when I get to see my daughters. It’s a better dayView full post »

Captain of the crew

Captain Day 293, 2012 I love a challenge. Joy said, “If you can get ears, I’ll give you a $100.” With a snicker, IView full post »

Black dog

Black Day 292, 2012 Her name is… wait for it… Black. She was so eager to please, I think she would have stood on her head andView full post »

Hang in there baby

Albert Day 291, 2012 This is probably one of the coolest cats I have ever met. Beauty aside, Albert is amazing. He is a therapy cat for theView full post »

When memories coming flooding back

Mika Day 289, 2012 Mika is one of the dogs that came to the Oregon Greyhound Adoption fundraiser. She is an amazingly beautiful 9.5 yearView full post »

Time to make the merry jingle

Aussie Day 288, 2012 – Not all of the dogs that came to the Oregon Greyhound fundraiser were greyhounds. Meet Aussie, an adorableView full post »

Connections—the furry forever kind

Mabel Day 287, 2012 Last week I mentioned how hard it was as a volunteer when a greyhound is returned. It is heartbreaking. On the oppositeView full post »

Ying Yang, just another word for love

Tux Day 285, 2012 Tux is the poster child for puppy love. Carolyn met him as a small puppy preparing for his racing career. She would goView full post »

The lady and the ham

Elliot and Lea Day 284, 2012 Elliot and Lea came to the fundraiser on Sunday and talk about an adorable pair. Lea was a lady the entireView full post »

We rocked the fundraiser

Opal, Dory, Jen, Star Day 283, 2012 Today’s fundraiser for Oregon Greyhound Adoption was awesome. I send my gratitude from the bottomView full post »