Monthly Archives: April 2013

Cancer sucks

Flo  She had the biopsy on Friday. As I met with the Dr., he said he was “concerned.” Still, in a state of shock and denial andView full post »

Come along, I’ll drive

Callie Last week I had the complete and totally unexpected pleasure of meeting a pair of German wire-haired pointers. They were our escortsView full post »

Don’t think I’ll fit

Timber  I’m guessing the borzoi weren’t allowed on the parlor furniture during victorian times. Or, maybe the borzoi wereView full post »

Double the fun

Jillian and Slinky are litter mates, or better known as the twins. They will be cruising into their 11 birthday next month, but don’tView full post »

Friday is that really you?

Timber  Dear Weekend, Is that really you that I see just around the corner? I so enjoy your company, but it seems that you dash in onView full post »

Anybody there?

Minnie Is Minnie is gazing out the window looking for someone to knock on her door.View full post »

Puff the magic pomeranian

Puff Hmmm, I wonder how on earth they ever came up with the name Puff? Puff is and adorable two-year old pomeranian mix available forView full post »

Too cute for words

Terrier mix available for adoption Moe This little girl is an 8 lb. bundle of joy. She’s available for adoption at the Marion CountyView full post »

Looking for a friend?

Flocko We’re just putting in another plug for National Adopt A Greyhound month. Of course, you can adopt a greyhound anytime.View full post »

Adam the miracle dog

Adam Adam is about to celebrate his 13th birthday. He’s still as happy as he was when we adopted him at six years old, his appetiteView full post »

All smiles, it’s Friday

Timber Friday’s are always welcome at our house. In fact, I wish they would come around a little more often. When I brought TimberView full post »