Monthly Archives: June 2013

The gentle Goliath

Goliath     Meet Goliath, a senior pug mix available for adoption through Second Chance Salem. This guy is incredible and just like fineView full post »

Woo hoo Woo

Woo A message appeared on my Facebook page Friday. It was from Red Alert Rescue in Portland, Oregon wondering if I would be willing toView full post »

Full house

Six-week old puppies These little guys arrived at Second Chance Salem kind of, sort of, indirectly. When the rescue group took in the momView full post »

Feeling a little Fozzy?

Fozzy    Beneath all of those tufts of gray hair are the softest brown eyes you will ever look into. They are a little shy, but once heView full post »

All because of a rummage sale

Kyra The flyer said that the proceeds were going to help pay for Kyra’s surgery. Second Chance Salem was raising funds for herView full post »

Cobie the big cuddle bug

Cobie    Cobie came into the room for his portrait and promptly strolled over to where I was sitting and patiently waited for me to giveView full post »

Life with a Jerry on top

Jerry   I remember when I met my first min pin. It must have been about 15 years ago and it was love at first bounce. She was lively andView full post »

Flight of a queen

Chita   This little beauty is Chita. She is currently available for adoption through Second Chance Salem. She is a perfect package ofView full post »

The cowboy

Cowboy   Somedays I just get so darn lucky. This handsome fella is Cowboy. He’s currently available for adoption through SecondView full post »

Tales of love and devotion

Caleb and Sadie These two have been together since 2001. Sadie was a puppy and Caleb was a year and half older than her. From the veryView full post »

Metal as in heavy

Metal   This little sweetheart was so scared. If he could have crawled to the bottom of his momma’s purse, he would have. His name isView full post »

Kaos, or not

Kaos One of the sweetest girls ever. I’m so glad her babysitters brought her into Canine Utopia.View full post »