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Connecticut is for lovers

AJ and Lily    Or maybe, just maybe all of New England is.View full post »

Safe in harbor

Camden Harbor Boats and reflections in the harbor. Can it possibly get any better than that? Lincolnville Beach Rockport Harbor Buoy justView full post »

One week—Maine Media part 2

Dreaming of faster rides    By Thursday, the four of us in the workshop were pretty much cut loose and became shooting fools. ThursdayView full post »

One week—Maine media

Every year I try to take a photography workshop. Sometimes I am lucky and can sneak in two. This year I was really lucky to have foundView full post »

A little Grace

Grace     Our first stop after getting all of our dogs settled from vacation was visit to the Marion County Dog Shelter to photograph theView full post »

Stormy weather

Storm on the horizon? Earlier this year I got wind that one of my favorite instructors was teaching a photography workshop on lighting. IView full post »

Oh puhleaze, say it isn’t so

This is what denial looks like. I can’t believe that vacation is over. I can’t believe I have to go back to workView full post »

Sunrise, sunset

Bass Harbor at sunset Once I got cut loose from the workshop I was attending, Karen and I hit the road. I fell in love with New England. ItView full post »

Loving Maine

Rockport Harbor     Maine is just as beautiful as all of the brochures say it is. Maine Media is tucked away in a forest of trees, isolatedView full post »

Well, my bags aren’t packed

Camille     I’m not ready to go. My to do list was interrupted by Flocko’s seizure. But, I’m still leaving on jetView full post »

Anna and Wally

Anna This little beauty is Anna. She is one gorgeous pit tie/lab mix. Wally And this handsome young man is Anna’s little brothView full post »

2013 WillaMutt Strut

If you are on a mobile device, you can view my Mutt Strut video here. I am so happy to say that I will be donating $200 to the WillametteView full post »