Roxy of a 1000 faces



I had the pleasure of photographing perhaps the cutest little dachshund ever last week. Roxy really didn’t want to play camera, she only wanted to be in her mom’s arms. As  l looked through her photos, I realized that she gave me at least 1,000 priceless expressions while at the same time never ever taking her eyes off of mom.

It has been so flipping cold out here, I thought for sure nestling in front of the fireplace on a big cushion would be a hit. If mom had nestled in with her, then it would be a hit. Since she was flying solo on the cushion, it was clearly a miss.


She brought a wardrobe with her that included a University of Oregon football jersey.

This is her game face. She clearly knows how to intimidate the other side.


And then, there was the “mom, is Aunt Becky still behind me look?” Aunt Becky assisted me as her chief wrangler and at that very moment in time, Aunt Becky was no longer her favorite aunt.


This is her classic “are we done here yet?” look. She did a great job of humoring me, but seriously, she really wanted to be with her mom.



But the little girl I fell head over heals in love with is the one curled up in her mom’s lap, perched gently in the palm of her hands.

The only thing that Roxy really said was, “Mom, I love you, I love you, I love you.”

This is the photo that melted my heart, even in the cold Oregon weather.

Becky and Stefanie, thank you so much for bringing Roxy over. She is absolutely delightful and everyone should be so lucky to share a love like that.

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