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Saying good bye

Blender    I took this photo on April 23, 2004. It has been on the wall of my office ever since. I adopted Blender in March of 2002 and inView full post »

Oh Oliver

Oliver    Karen and I have this great system when we go out to Marion County Dog Shelter for pet adoption photos. Basically, she runsView full post »


Timber    Somedays, Timber is our soul source of entertainment. I love his expressions. He always gets horribly car sick and yet, just toView full post »

Sunsets, always a crap shoot

Timber    The old mercury thermometer and barometer always hung by the back door. My father was a farmer all of his life and he watched theView full post »

Smitten by Buster

Buster I was out doing some some photography today for something totally unrelated to pets today. I had no clue that Buster was going toView full post »


I feel like the cat that ate the canary. It feels good.View full post »

Community cats

Here is the video that I did for the banquet. We attended a fundraising banquet tonight for the TNR, Trap Neuter Return program forView full post »

Say it ain’t so

You know the feeling. The party’s over and it’s time to go back to work.View full post »

The beginning of everything

Megan The story begins with a bride, Ryan a groom, Olivia and an amazing little girl. It was a day of laughter and tears and nerves andView full post »

Mother of the bride

Megan    The date on the back of the photo reads February 19, 1985. Megan was just three days shy of 4 months old. I always wanted girls.View full post »

Meet Uno

Uno    Uno is one of those special girls. We met her when we went up to the Oregon Greyhound Adoption kennel in Portland, Oregon to do theView full post »

The cat’s meow

Juliass    I love to play, and this cat makes it so easy. I haven’t been around many kitties that would just let me plop then downView full post »