Monthly Archives: February 2014

Sing it girlfriend

Emma    I’m pretty sure every one in Rockaway Beach or maybe even the entire Oregon coast new we arrived. Emma was so excited to beView full post »

Lab. Ball. Beach. Water.

Autzen    The best invention ever is the chuckit. It’s an amazing contraption that can pitch a tennis ball miles down the beach. IView full post »

Heart of gold is waiting

Captain    His eyes told us 1000 words. He has an old soul that is gentle and kind and loving. Captain is a young (only two years old)View full post »

Sending the Power of the Paw

Kip    Kip needs the power of the all the paws we can muster. He’s a bit under the weather right now. My guys are busy sending theView full post »

What do you get?

Holly and Emma    When you bring a girl and her dog to the beach? Autzen and Joe and a lab and his tennis ball to the beach? Emma andView full post »

Recycle the Love

Last week we had the pleasure of participating in a fundraiser for PAL (Prevent A Litter) and CAFA (Coalition Advocating For Animals) atView full post »

Peanut butter and jelly

Cody and Vance    Macaroni and cheese, pie and ice cream, movies and popcorn, little boys and chocolate labs. Some things were meant to beView full post »

Three’s company

Ramsey, Jellybean, Moto    My last session of the day. What a way to end the Recycle the Love fundraiser.View full post »

That wabbit kwacks me up

Mumford    Mumford and I go way back, all the way back to December when he came in for holiday photos. I don’t think I have ever metView full post »

Celebrating Parker

Parker    We first met at hydrotherapy. Parker was swimming to help his arthritis. I remember those days well. As long as Parker had hisView full post »

Thanks for coming by

Daisy    Many thanks to everyone who stopped by Pet Etc in West Salem to support the fundraiser for Prevent A Litter (PAL) and CoalitionView full post »

Please join us

First fundraiser of the year    Saturday, February 15 kicks off our first fundraiser of 2014. I will be at Pet Etc in West Salem from 11 amView full post »