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A borzoi kinda day

Timber    It wouldn’t be right if a weekend went by without Timber showing up somewhere. This boy was born to model.View full post »

The babies have arrived

Five day old puppies    In 18 months these little puppies will be graduating as assistance dogs for The Joys of Living AssistanceView full post »

greyhound paws

Mia bella

Mia   She was timid at first. The sweet and beautiful Mia wandered around my little rustic studio this morning a little hesitant aboutView full post »

white and black llasa apso

The secret session

Teddy Probably 13 years had gone by since Tina and I had talked. Our daughters have both grown into wonderful adults and moved on in theirView full post »

Red borzoi at sunset

Oh doggy, that beach was windy

Timber    We had planned to go to the beach Friday evening for a sunset, but according to my weather program it was pretty windy. It canView full post »


Piper She was my last photo of the day at the Marion County Dog Shelter. It didn’t take me long before I fell hook, line and sinkerView full post »

A boy and his dog

Happy trails Kevin

Kevin and Major There is nothing better than the Riverfront Park on a Friday night at sunset. It absolutely rocks and it’s theView full post »

white and black greyhound

Looking up

Mickey Long necks and long noses. Just how I like ’em. Mickey is one of my own personal models. I held him in the palm of my handsView full post »

white and brindle greyhound

Looking out for number one

Uno    This pretty little lady is Uno. She is available for adoption through Oregon Greyhound Adoption in Portland, Oregon. She’s aView full post »

Enter Milo… little, perky and cute

Milo    We walked in the door at the Marion County Dog Shelter and there stood the cutest little ball of gray shaggy fluff. I could notView full post »

Under the canopy part two

Timber    Just one more from the cherry trees just because I can.View full post »

Under the canopy

Timber    Easily one of the prettiest sites in Salem is the park that leads up to the state capital. The park is lined with cherry treesView full post »