Monthly Archives: May 2014

In search of…

Conrad   A best friend that is active and enjoys lots of fun. A game of fetch, a long walk in the woods and someone that give great earView full post »

Please pick me

Priscilla    Ever so gently she stretched up and looked longingly into Karen’s eyes. She was telling Karen to “Please pickView full post »

Looking for her Peter Pan

Tinkerbell    Meet Tinkerbell. She’s a little shy, and oh she is so sweet. This tiny little girl is waiting for her forever home atView full post »

Seeing eye to eye

Three goats Saturday afternoon was a dream session. We arrived at a farm at the top of a mountain just outside of Wilsonville, Oregon. TrueView full post »

Let the good times roll

Timber and Zip    They raced over the acre like mad men. Zip and Timber    And then they rough housed like little boys, like brothers. ZipView full post »

Poetry in motion

Zip and Timber    Muzzled for safety, we let the boys run together for the first time tonight on the acre. It was absolutely beautiful toView full post »

Introducing the first half of the M litter

Half of the M litter Just starting to work through my edits on the fuzzy puppy cuteness for The Joys of Living Assistance Dogs. At eightView full post »

Portrait under the plum tree

Zip    We have this wonderful ancient plum tree in our backyard. Not only does it give us the best plums, the shade it provides is theView full post »

The M litter, short for a million puppies

The M litter    I have been so lucky to work with The Joys of Living Assistance Dogs the last few years. The most recent litter broughtView full post »

Introducing our newest family member

Zip You’ve all seen at least a million photos of Timber, my Model T. I’m fairly certain that despite what history says aboutView full post »