Yearly Archives: 2015

A touch of elegance

Zippy    I’m ready to wrap up the year with a touch of elegance. I started pet photography because of my own dogs and I will foreverView full post »

Frame the family, Christmas 2015

Goldee    Every year, without fail for the last many years we have had dinner at Holly’s house. The tradition remains the same. WeView full post »

Happy holidays

Zip, Glory, Fergie, Sage, Timber    It has been an amazing year and I have so much gratitude for everyone we photographed and all of theView full post »

Tri-pawed, empowering the rule of three

Pete    In my world, the one of graphic design and photography, three is a magical number. It turns out three is a magical number for Pete.View full post »

Happy birthday Luna

I love parties and celebrating the first birthday is even more special.   Luna    Since it was her first birthday, Luna really had noView full post »

Here comes Santa Paws in Wilsonille

Our last stop on our whirlwind tour with Santa Paws was Nature’s Pet Market Wilsonville. The rain came down in torrents, butView full post »


Peter Peter Pan    Well, it’s official, Pete is now a tri-pawed doggie. He did very well today. His blood work came back great.View full post »

Twas the night before

Pete Well, Pete is scheduled for his rear-leg amputation tomorrow. He’s doing just fine and I’m a wreck. My beautiful boy PeteView full post »

Santa Paws visits Pet Etc

Our event at Pet Etc was so much fun. One by one dogs and kitties and even bearded dragons lined up to have their photos taken with SantaView full post »

Oh my Pete

Pete    I was tagged tonight on Facebook for the 7-day pet photo challenge by a friend. I’m buried in photo edits for the holidayView full post »

At the end of the day

Luna, Zeus, Gracee, Jax, Goldee, Maizee    Holidays have a way of bringing people together in the most wonderful ways. But over and over IView full post »

Santa’s final stop with us

Santa Paws    The last day of our whirlwind tour with Santa Paws happens tomorrow at the Nature’s Pet Market in Wilsonville.View full post »