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Borzoi puppies at the beach

To the beach!

Glory and Sage    I read in a puppy training book that puppies should have 100 experiences in 100 days. We’ve fallen a tad short ofView full post »

Blue long-haired weimaraner

National Dog Day

Jax    August 26 is the official date for National Dog Day. At our house however, we like to think we celebrate it every day of the year. AView full post »

Blue and gray long-haired weimaraners

Lacy knickers and muscle pants

Goldee and Jax    When Holly and Joe brought Goldee, the exquisite long-haired weimaraner home, they were completely smitten. Goldee fitView full post »

Two borzoi puppies

If they could just stay little a while longer

Glory and Sage The babies just celebrated their six month birthdays and it’s even harder for me to believe that we have been homeView full post »

two borzoi puppy

Our days are busy

Sage and Glory    And well, our nights are just as busy. Having puppies around has changed all of the rules, in a very good way, butView full post »

White and red borzoi puppy

An adventure everyday

Sage     These two pups are growing like weeds. OK, they are growing faster than weeds. The breeder recently asked me if I was usingView full post »

Two borzoi puppies

More from the daily puppy

Sage and Glory    I finally got some overcast skies this weekend. I own that lighting. Everyone was thrilled to have it not quite as hot asView full post »


Lady bug, lady bug

Little Miss Lady bug    I’m currently taking an online workshop that has weekly assignments. The assignments are completely non-petView full post »