Monthly Archives: January 2017

Portrait of my Model T

Timber, my Model T    We were out having our morning coffee in the barn. Timber and Zip rotated between digging for something in the dirtView full post »

From the peanut gallery

California scrub jay    Trying to accommodate all of the birds in the neighborhood is challenging at best. We’ve been quiteView full post »

Coffee friends

Flicker    The flicker joined us for our morning coffee today. He is without a doubt one of my favorite regular visitors. He’s ratherView full post »

Portrait of the big red dawg

Timber, my model T    I have to admit, I have really enjoyed having the time to photograph our own dogs these last few weeks. I’ll beView full post »

Who makes the first move?

Timber and the flicker Third is the series “Bird Dogs” I love January and February if nothing more than it gives me time toView full post »

New arrivals this morning

Bushtits    Saturday morning coffee, 40° and new birds at the feeders. Can life possibly get any better? I love that our days are gettingView full post »

Welcome back little downy

Downy woodpecker.   We have a pair of downy woodpeckers that frequent our feeders, a male and a female. During the flipping cold weatherView full post »

Celebrating Oscar

Oscar the cat.   This is the kitty that never met a human that he didn’t like. He was the black fuzz ball of love. I met him atView full post »

Mourning doves

Mourning doves.   I find myself taking roll call when I go out to see the birds now. House finches. Check. Warbler. Check. Juncos. Check.View full post »

Amongst the clouds

Red-tailed hawk.   This guy is frequently perched in the tree at the back of the acre and sometimes he watches from the tree at the highView full post »


Zip and Timber Longing for warmer weather. We are currently still somewhere far below freezing temps and as much as I found the snowView full post »

A new visitor

Yellow-rumped warbler    We had a brief snow shower in the afternoon yesterday and I grabbed my camera to go out and see what was happeningView full post »