Monthly Archives: August 2017

So many memories

Ozzie and Darby, one of their first visits with Santa Paws    I have loved working with Santa Paws since the very first time he sat beforeView full post »

I heard a rumor

Santa Paws will be in Oregon in September!    As most of you already know, our beloved, best ever Santa Paws left Oregon last winter forView full post »

Feelin’ broody

Not paying the rent.   This girl. She is without a doubt one of our prettiest hens. She’s the one that lays the beautiful, big, oliveView full post »

15 day challenge, Day 15

What does the future hold?    When I started this little challenge, I had no idea how much I would enjoy it. I am never in photos, IView full post »

15 day challenge, Day 14

On the wings of borzoi.  Theme—Flight; Challenge—Create interesting wings This is an image I have had in my head for a long time. WhatView full post »

15 day challenge, Day 13

Gone, but not forgotten Theme—Forgotten; Challenge—Use paper We have had the good fortune to know the love of many greyhounds over theView full post »

15 day challenge, Day 12

Really? Do we have to do this?    This boy will do just about anything I ask of him. I am so in love with him.Trying to fashion a shower inView full post »

15 day challenge, Day 11

The sky is falling.   I don’t know the last time we saw rain. I was so anxious to get in the gardens that I probably rushed it away.View full post »

15 day challenge, day 10

Day 10, Still hanging in there.   If somebody had suggested that I would spend 15 days taking portraits of myself, I would have beenView full post »

15 day challenge, Day 9

Whatcha doing?    Our pair of 10 week old chicks, Millie and Ellie are discovering their new world. They stick together like glue., peanutView full post »

15 day challenge, day 8

Room for one more.   Every year we do it. We plant the garden and the plants are so small we think we have so much room. By mid-August,View full post »

15 day challenge, Day 7

Passing by time.   Time is an oxymoron. There’s never enough, it goes too slow, it goes to fast, there is too much time on my hands,View full post »