A mother’s love

Daria and Apple

I was stalking Facebook one night and saw that a friend was kidding. I wanted to meet the young baby goats more than anything, but even more than that, I wanted to photograph them.

I had just celebrated another birthday and in my mind, seeing baby goats would make it the best birthday ever. I was over the moon when they said sure.

Brand spanking new kid on the block

Just as we got there a mama was in labor. Little Apple was learning the song of her people the minute she took her first breath.

Mama Daria, attentive mom extraordinaire

I sat there in amazement watching as a kid was born. It was so beautiful. I was torn between just watching in respect, dying to take photos and turning away to give mama some privacy. So I just watched. I’m so impressed by the animal instinct. Mama knew exactly what to do. She gave her a quick bath and watched as her baby tried to take her first steps gently nudging her if needed.

It took Apple 7 minutes to start getting on her feet.

Where is my breakfast?

Mama gently nudged her baby around to get her moving and Apple knew exactly what was expected of her.

Next task was to find the breakfast bar. Mama seemed to employ two methods in one here. She’d move her teats close to Apple and as soon as Apple would start closing in, Mama would move just so Apple would start walking more. Never fear, Apple got her early dose of mama magic.

Lil’ Apple meeting her human friend

Watching Apple and her mama for the first hour of her life was indescribably amazing. I have no other words for it, but it will definitely go down as one of my best days ever.

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