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I discovered last year that not only do I cherish photographing pets more than anything… I really love photographing pets with their people. 

I also enjoy doing personal projects. Photography just for the love of photography. This my friends takes me on new journey for 2019.

My search for the dark side of the moon

Timber—My Model T

Ah yes, the big red dawg. He was our first borzoi, the gateway drug to the world of borzoi.

When he first came home he was a wild and crazy guy…and then he got sick. Really sick. We tube fed him for two months. We took him to a specialist in Portland. We worried like crazy and told him everyday how much we loved him.

He was on prednisone for a long time and it really did a number to his beautiful red coat. He is doing so well now and back to being his ol’ happy, bouncy self. He loves to watch for squirrels in this tree.

Behind the scenes

I am laying on the branch of our ancient plum tree. Up until about three summers ago she graced us with delicious plums. Now she rewards the wild birds with a place to perch and enjoy the meals of bird seed we have put before them.

When I first met Karen we sat beneath this tree for hours to talk and drink coffee. Our vets have sent many a dog to the rainbow bridge beneath those branches. Every year I watch her closely to make sure she is still going to leaf out.

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