Just hangin’ out

I discovered last year that not only do I cherish photographing pets more than anything… I really love photographing pets with their people. 

I also enjoy doing personal projects. Photography just for the love of photography. This my friends takes me on new journey for 2019.

My search for the dark side of the moon

Just me and my boy hanging out on a cold Sunday afternoon

I have been so fortunate in my life to have known some of the best dogs ever. Zip snuggled into my heart without ever skipping a beat.

We had his brother for a few years and went through some challenges, but we made it. When the breeder called and asked if we wanted him, I secretly worried that he too would come with the challenges. Not Zip, he got off of his shuttle ride from Florida absolutely perfect. Full of love and life, Zip helped me get through some really hard losses of a few greyhounds. Zip is always my go to model when I want to try a photo set up. Zip is the boy that greats me with giant smiles when I come home from work.

I tell this boy every day he is the love of my life.

Behind the scenes

When I got his wild hair to do Sunday Selfies, this was the first image that popped into my head. Levitating is not a new photography trick, it’s just the trick that requires stomach muscles of steel.

Zip is a snuggler and his only requirement in life is to be near me.

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