The tumbleweed connection

I discovered last year that not only do I cherish photographing pets more than anything… I really love photographing pets with their people.

I also enjoy doing personal projects. Photography just for the love of photography. This my friends takes me on new journey for 2019.

My search for the dark side of the moon

Sage or more affectionately known as Sagie Brushy

My clients only really know me from the pictures I post. Who is that masked woman behind the black box?

It’s a well known fact, not really documented, but everyone knows a picture is worth 1000 words. I’m going to do my level best to illustrate my life in 52 weeks and I’m calling it “Selfie Sundays.”

This will help me stretch my creativity, beef up my editing skills and most importantly, help me to become a better photographer, and set me up to do more and more pets with their families.

Behind the scenes

Sage was my obvious choice for this week. My roots are in farming although by the time I came around, the parentals had long left the farming business. I grew up in Montana and Wyoming. There is a ton of sagebrush on those prairies.

My dad’s family homesteaded a farm in western Nebraska. They were wheat farmers. I loved the old white two-story house with the big porch and red barn.

The hat I’m wearing belonged to my dad. When I dug the hat out this morning, it was flat, dusty and mildewy. A little Dawn dish soap and it was ready to go. I bought those boots in Denver when I was 21, circa 1981. Holy crap, they were a size 6.5. Were my feet really that size? The saddle and saddle blanket are something I picked up from a really neat lady that was in the process of decluttering. Our conversation as I looked through her stuff was just plain fun. I have never owned a horse, but I’m pretty sure I would love riding, no, I know I would love riding.

I believe my love for gardening and being outside had to come from farming roots.

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