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I doing my best to keep different photos on Facebook, Instagram and my portfolio. I realize there will be some overlap. So I just wanted to make sure that all of the photos I love and post still show up on the website.

Who got posted on Facebook?

Glory, my pretty, pretty princess

Starting the week with my Sunday Selfie, Glory and I admired her beauty in the mirror.


Junior is an adorable terrier mix that came in for his adoption photo. Taking adoption photos brings me so much joy. Especially when I see on Facebook or Instagram that they found their forever families.


Lily brought her family in for family portraits just before Christmas.


Igor came in with Lily for the family portraits.


Sierra is one of three puggles that I have been photographing for a few years now. She used to be terrified of me, now we’re besties.


This lovely lady is joining our flock, a street chicken, she’s our first rescue chicken. A woman that lives about two blocks away was going door-to-door to find out where this girl came from. She had gotten into her backyard and her cats were gonna have her for breakfast. She was able to lock her in the shed, and was desperate to get her out of her backyard. Nobody claimed her, so we said we’d be happy to add her to our flock.

Junior, Vader and Rosie

Junior brought his foster housemates along for the ride when he came in for his adoption photos. They were a most gorgeous trio.

Instagram photos

Sierra, Mak and Dublin
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