Come here my little pretty

I discovered last year that not only do I cherish photographing pets more than anything… I really love photographing pets with their people. 

I also enjoy doing personal projects. Photography just for the love of photography. This my friends takes me on new journey for 2019.

My rules for the Sunday Selfie project are pretty simple. 1. They have to include an animal with me and 2. They somehow have to tell a story from our day-to-day life.

Phone a friend. I thought I would add in a little twist, send out a quick request from my three most trusted sources… east coast kid, west coast kid, partner in crime and ask them for the first two words that cross their mind when I decide what they are.

This week the east coast kid shot back an answer almost immediately. “Purple Jericho.” Right, Jericho lives on the east coast with her and it’s not exactly an easy road trip to make it happen.

Time to put the thinking cap on.

Purple Jericho or afternoon snack

Jericho, Timber, Zip, Glory and Sage

Just a quick disclosure, Zip would probably be OK with the little, Sage might be but Glory and Timber, not so much.

I don’t wear red and purple, so the wardrobe was challenging. However, in the back of my closet hung a vintage Nike sweatshirt that is about 20 years old. Score! And it still fits. Double score. Jericho is an Italian greyhound, the teeny tiny version of a greyhound. The borzoi are not the largest of the sighthound, but they are pretty darn big. Even our greyhounds are dwarfed by the boys.

Way back when, I had a pair of Italian greyhounds. They were the original gateway drug to greyhounds which became the gateway drug to borzoi. Jericho is a second generation IG. I adore our big dogs.

Having the big and the small together seemed to make sense, although I can almost guarantee I would have been sitting on my ass with my arms pulled out of my sockets. I have no doubt though that my little grand dog would have caught their attention just like that.

Behind the scenes

We’ve been blessed with a cold snap (enter pure, unadulterated sarcasm) and the snow they forecast was nonexistent. The light was so perfect and despite the 30° temps, my shutter buddy and I powered through this weeks selfie. There are still skiffs of snow on the ground.

I admit that I don’t train our dogs. For the most part they are just good dogs and will usually do what I ask of them. Timber laying down was just a bonus round.

Sage and Glory

I started with this as my base image.

Timber and Zip

Before I knew it, the sun was cruising around the cedar trees and we suddenly had to work a whole lot faster. Timber grew bored with the Sunday Selfie game, but in the end, it worked.


I took this of Jericho in April 2016. So glad I had the opportunity before they moved to New York City to get a couple of photos of them.

I look back at the photos from just three years ago and I’m amazed at how much our acre has changed. That view has changed completely.

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